Shared Hosting vs Reseller Hosting.

Compare the features of our Shared and Reseller Hosting Plans!

Shared vs Reseller
Feature Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting
CloudLinux Yes Yes
Softaculous Yes Yes
Whitelabel Yes Yes
Manage Support Yes Yes
Free Account Imports Yes Yes
Auto SSL Yes Yes
Ability to create Account No Yes
Private Name Servers No Yes
Branded control panel No Yes
Control DNS zones No Yes

Shared Hosting

This is suitable for individuals and business owners. You can host websites on shared plan, control and manage it with the web-panel. Generally, it is used by individuals and businesses who have a website or want to use emails based on their domain name. There is an option for Addon domains, using it you can host multiple websites and you can manage them all from one control panel.

Reseller Hosting

This is meant for individuals who wants to resell hosting and become the owner of their services. This comes with a panel to manage their services. You can create your own plans customized to suit customers.

Once you purchase a select amount of bandwidth and server resources from a host, you can reallocate those resources to other clients or websites as you see fit.

On a reseller account, you would be able to set up each domain name so it has it’s own panel.

With this hosting, you have to provide first line support to your client but if you need second line support we have sat here to help you.

Which one is better? Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting?

The difference lies in how each is used and according to the needs of an individual.

Both shared hosting and reseller hosting plans come with a panel to manage the websites/account. If you go with shared hosting plans you will get the user side panel to manage websites, email accounts, databases, FTP accounts. Reseller hosting gives you a admin panel to govern user accounts. You get more access as compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting is more suitable for single users who want to get their website(s) online. Reseller hosting is useful for those who want to host multiples website and wants to resell services to others.