About us.

A small introduction.

Who and What?

CrownCloud is an Australian-based VPS, Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting, and Colocation provider. We provide VPSes and various other services out of various data centers around the world to provide the end-user the least latency possible with data centers in the US and Europe. We 100% own all our hardware in our Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam regions including our networking gear. We run Gbit uplinks to each of our racks at Los Angeles, Atlanta, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam with the capability to easily upgrade/expand to 4 x 1 Gbit uplinks in-case the need arises for this.

Our Motto

CrownCloud believes in providing the best bang for buck service, and we make this possible by picking excellent stable datacenters which cut our overhead costs when dealing with the datacenter, this cost-saving is passed onto clients and hence we're able to provide cheap and reliable services at a fraction of the cost. We have multiple people in our support team from Australia and the US, giving us near 24/7 support capability. All of our team members are trained and have in-depth knowledge of our products and our client's needs.