Operating System's

With a wide range of supported operating systems, you can run your operating system of choice on your VPS.







Custom ISO Support

With ISO Image Boot Support, You can install any operating system via ISO images onto your VPS.

Send us a link of the ISO image via our support panel and we'll mount/boot it on your VPS/Server for install.


Super simple snapshots, click to create and click to restore.

With just one click, our control panel allows you to create and restore a snapshot of your VPS, giving you peace of mind and complete control over your data. Enjoy the freedom to explore new possibilities with Snapshots.

Nested Virtualization

Nested virtualization is a feature that allows you to run a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine. This is helpful for running a phone emulator in a virtual machine, or testing configurations that ordinarily require several hosts.

2Factor Authentication

Secure your account with 2Factor Authentication.

Enabling 2Factor is made simple via our control panel, 2Factor authentication is included in both our VPS Control Panel and our Client area,

Easy (re)Install

Ability to re-install anytime to your operating system of choice with 1 simple click.

Select the operating system & version you wish to (re)install and done.

Easy SSH Key Setup

Ability to use SSH Keys directly at the time of install allows for quick access to your VPS as well.

During re(install), select the operating system and SSH Key you wish to insert into the VPS and done.

VNC Console

VNC Console is included with every KVM based VPS, this allows access to the VPS console to debug any firewall issue, any operating system installs (full GUI mode support included) and more!

VNC Console can be accessed via web-based VNC as well as via a desktop application.

Accessing the VNC Console

Also see,

Disabling the VNC Console