DirectAdmin VPS Hosting.

DirectAdmin powered VPS hosting available in,

Full DNS management enabled to create, modify, or delete any DNS records.
Usage Statistics provides admin with a complete overview of system usage.
Create and manage unlimited user accounts on all plans.
Create and manage unlimited MySQL databases on all plans.
Create POP/IMAP accounts, catch-all e-mail addresses and more.
Users can backup and restore accounts via the web-interface easily.
2-Factor Authentication support for added security for your account.
Customize the look of your DirectAdmin to be unique to your business.

DA 1



50 GB SSD Storage

1 vCPU Cores

1 TB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

Full Root Access Included

DirectAdmin License Included

24/7 Support


DA 2



100 GB SSD Storage

4 vCPU Cores

2 TB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

Full Root Access Included

DirectAdmin License Included

24/7 Support


DA 3



200 GB SSD Storage

5 vCPU Cores

4 TB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

Full Root Access Included

DirectAdmin License Included

24/7 Support


DA 4



400 GB SSD Storage

6 vCPU Cores

8 TB Bandwidth

1 IPv4 Address

Full Root Access Included

DirectAdmin License Included

24/7 Support


Administrator Features

Create Admins and Resellers

With this feature, admins can create unlimited resellers or additional admins.

Reseller Packages

This feature allows admins to create pre-defined account packages. When creating an account, admins can simply choose a package instead of manually setting each account feature.

IP Manager

The admin manage the server's available IP address via this feature. Additionally, they have the option to allocate IP dedicated addresses to resellers directly from this menu.

Mail Queue Administration

The Mail Queue Administration feature lets you easily view your mail queue and its messages. It also provides convenient tools to take action on those messages, making your email management a breeze!

DNS Clustering

DirectAdmin can be configured to operated in a clustered DNS configuration with other DirectAdmin machines, automatically transferring DNS configurations between them.

Licensing / Updates

This feature gives the admin a comprehensive overview of their license status. It also allows them to easily download the latest DirectAdmin security and software upgrades directly from the menu.

Complete Usage Statistics

With this feature, admins gain a comprehensive overview of system usage, including real-time monitoring of the server's network interfaces for precise input and output network usage. Stay in control and make informed decisions with ease!

SPAM Fighting Tools

DirectAdmin offers a wide variety of SPAM-fighting tools for enhanced email security such as Rspamd and Apache SpamAssassin.

Reseller Features

Create / List / Modify Accounts

Account creation, listing, modification, and deletion is done quickly and easily.

User Packages

Using this feature, resellers can easily create predefined account packages. Instead of manually configuring each account feature, resellers can simply choose a package when creating a new account.

Reseller Statistics

Resellers have access to a comprehensive overview of their total usage. They can also sort data by users, making it easy for them to assess the overall situation quickly.

Import / Manage Skins

With this menu option, resellers can quickly import and apply new skins with the click of a button.

IP Assignment

Resellers can assign dedicated IP addresses to their customers using this menu option.

System / Services Information

By clicking this feature, resellers can instantly access server status and system information.

User Features

FTP Management

Users can easily create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account. Additionally, this system supports Anonymous FTP.

DNS Menu

Users have the ability to add and remove records, change MX settings, and perform any other actions that come under full DNS control.

Statistics Menu

Users have access to every possible statistic about their account. Additionally, more advanced options and Webalizer are also included.

Subdomains Menu

Users can easily list, create, delete, and obtain statistics on subdomains.

File Manager

This is a user-friendly and fast alternative to FTP. It includes every feature needed to build and maintain a website.

MySQL Databases

Users can effortlessly create, modify, and delete MySQL databases directly from this menu.

Error Pages

Users can create custom messages and outputs for error codes 401, 403, 404, and 500 with ease.

Directory Password Protection

Users can easily password protect any directory by using a username and password.

PHP Selector

This feature allows the client to choose the version of PHP that should be associated with the .php extension.

Advanced Tools

Users can perform the following tasks with ease:
1.Install SSL certificates
2.View server information and installed Perl modules
3.Set cron jobs, MIME types, and Apache handlers
4.Enable site redirection and domain pointers.

General Features

Integrated Ticket Support System

You can configure DirectAdmin to send you email notifications for support requests, ensuring that no request will be missed. If you prefer to provide support through a different method, you can easily turn this feature off.

Plugin System

This feature allows for easy extension of DirectAdmin functionality. Plugins are supported at the Admin, Reseller, and User levels.

Live Updates

Server administrators can simply click the "licensing/updates" button to view the current license and version status. No manual downloading, extracting, or installing is necessary as DirectAdmin handles all updates automatically.

Completely Customizable

DirectAdmin is designed to be as unique as your business. You have the flexibility to change every aspect of the DirectAdmin interface, and you can easily import new designs through the "skins" menu.

Automatic Recovery From Crashes

DirectAdmin TaskQueue ensures that all services are up and running at all times. If any service crashes, DirectAdmin will try to fix the issue by restarting the service. If the restart fails, it will promptly notify the server administrator.

We Support Your Customers Through Site-Helper

Site-Helper is specifically designed to assist you and your customers in using DirectAdmin. It offers detailed instructions on every DirectAdmin feature, accompanied by plenty of pictures and examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every VPS listed on this page includes a fully licensed DirectAdmin install on a VPS which would be configured and managed by our team.

Yes, every DirectAdmin VPS is pre-installed and configured by our team.

Yes, we can transfer your existing websites from cPanel to DirectAdmin for free.

Yes, you can either upgrade to the next available plan or alternatively also upgrade individual resources of your VPS at any time, for example: if you require only additional RAM / Memory, you can individually upgrade this resource, similarly Disk Space or CPU cores or IP addresses or Bandwidth can be individually upgraded as well as needed.

Yes, DirectAdmin allows admins and users to create local and remote backups as per requirements.

Yes, You can order additional IPs for DirectAdmin VPS.

Yes, bandwidth can be added on to the DirectAdmin VPS plans at any time. Both, one-time and recurring bandwidth addons are possible as per your requirement.