OpenVZ vs KVM

Buying your first VPS can be hard. Let us help you make the right choice!

  KVM OpenVZ
Automatic OS installation Yes Yes
Encrypted Full disk volumes Yes No
Full virtualization Yes No
FUSE disk support Yes Yes
2nd level quotas Yes Yes1
iptables support Yes Yes
Price Affordable Cheap
Modern / custom kernels Yes No (2.6.+)
Shared Kernel with Node No Yes(2.6.+)
BSD & Windows support Yes No
Load custom ISOs Yes No
TUN/TAP & PPP support Yes Yes

1Open ticket to enable second level quotas for OpenVZ. This is primarily required for cPanel

As you can see, KVM is the big winner. But there has to be a downside right? The biggest issue is the higher cost. At CrownCloud, we were able to reduce these cost a lot in order to provide reasonable prices for our KVM range.