Announcing AMD Ryzen 5950X powered SSD VPS Now Available!

Greetings, We’re happy to announce a brand new SSD KVM product line powered by the Ryzen 9 5950X series processors, these are some of the fastest CPUs available on the market with impressive single and multi-core benchmark scores which help improve overall application performance. To start off with, we have our new plans available at Los ... Read More »

5th May 2021
Feature to Set a Name on Snapshots now available

Hey There! We’re happy to announce a new feature in CrownPanel to help make managing snapshots easier, The panel now supports adding/setting names to Snapshots. Naming a Snapshots is a very useful feature, for example, If you have multiple snapshots, it would be ideal to name each. If you run multiple versions of software, you can name ... Read More »

17th Jul 2020
ArchLinux ISO Updated

Hello! To help with the quicker deployment of ArchLinux, We have also updated the available ArchLinux ISO to archlinux-2020.04.01 for our KVM based plans. The updated ISO has been made available on all host-nodes, so any VPS using it will have the latest available packages. Apart from new VPSes, existing VPSes can always update anytime to the ... Read More »

13th May 2020
Announcing 2 New Datacenter Expansions.

Greetings, We’re happy to announce that we’ve just expanded our points of presence in Europe. Frankfurt, Germany (DE3) Amsterdam, The Netherlands (NL2) As we mentioned above we have expanded the Datacenter in Europe which provides the largest peering point and ideal conditions for optimal connectivity with100% power uptime service ... Read More »

23rd Apr 2020
CentOS 8 now available on OpenVZ based VPSes

Hey There!We’re happy to announce that CentOS 8 is now available as an operating system choice on our OpenVZ based plans in our control panel. We also have a few guides available on our wiki to start off with CentOS 8, — Feel free to contact our support team (via a support ticket) if you wish to see ... Read More »

20th Apr 2020
Hard Reboot Option Now Available

Hello there!As part of our series highlighting the redesign/changes in our panel, We have introduced a new option in our control panel (CrownPanel), Hard Reboot.Previously, Hard Reboot was achieved by issuing a shutdown task and then a boot task to re-boot the system. In other words, this option is similar to pulling out the power to your PC and ... Read More »

13th Apr 2020
COVID-19 Statement

Hello,As you all know the current situation in the world facing the COVID-19 or commonly known as the Corona virus, where all the nations are doing their best to prevent the spread of this virus, we are following the guidelines provided by the WHO and local government bodies to help prevent the spread of this disease and to ensure our families and ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2020
Adding Labels to VPSes

Hey There! We’re happy to announce that Adding Labels to VPSes is now available in CrownPanel. Labeling a VPS is going to be very helpful to “mark” or “differentiate” between VPSes, for example, it will help you mark the purpose of that VPS. To add a Label to the VPS, The label text has a maximum allowed length of 12 ... Read More »

19th Mar 2020
New Website Launched

Greetings, We’re happy to announce that we’ve launched our newly redesigned website. The newly designed website is lighter, faster and contains more information about the product at your fingertips. We’ve made it easier to access Client-Area, CrownPanel, Blog, and Wiki with direct links at the header of the website. As part of ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2020
New Years Greetings!

Hey There! We hope the past year 2019 was a great one for you and wish you a amazing year ahead in 2020!    Since we don't email customers often, we'd thought we'd use this opportunity to share a yearly highlight with you to showcase some of the topics that we've worked on and some things which we have coming soon for you!   OpenVZ 6 to ... Read More »

2nd Jan 2020