New Years Greetings!

Hey There! We hope the past year 2019 was a great one for you and wish you a amazing year ahead in 2020!    Since we don't email customers often, we'd thought we'd use this opportunity to share a yearly highlight with you to showcase some of the topics that we've worked on and some things which we have coming soon for you!   OpenVZ 6 to ... Read More »

2nd Jan 2020
Ubuntu 19.04 and Debian 10 1-Click install & ISO now available


The following 1-Click Install  and ISO are now available on all KVM based plans, 

  • Ubuntu 19.04 [1-Click Install & ISO]
  • Debian 10 [1-Click Install & ISO]

The same will be made available on OpenVZ shortly.


Thank you.

26th Aug 2019
[KVM] Ubuntu 18.10 now available

A Ubuntu 18.10 template is now available for KVM based VPSes with our 1-click installer.

CrownCloud Staff.

9th Nov 2018
VestaCP server exploit

Important!From: is what we know so far:1. The first wave happened on April 4. Servers were infected with /etc/cron.hourly/gcc.sh2. It was an automated hack3. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu all distros are affected it's platform independent4. We didn't find any traces in vesta ... Read More »

8th Apr 2018
About the Dirty COW Vulnerability

Hello,As many of you may know about this issue in the Linux kernel, we'd like to assure you that it has been patched/fixed out, we use KernelCare which patches up nodes kernels automatically to combat this issue.Do note, uname -r on OpenVZ based VPSes will show a older kernel running but rest assured kernelcare has patched up the kernel. On KVM ... Read More »

28th Oct 2016
Ubuntu 16.04 now available on KVM plans

Ubuntu 16.04 is now available on all KVM plans, VPSes can be reinstalled / installed with Ubuntu 16.04 from the VPS control panel via the Reinstall button.

If you encounter any issues with the template, please send us a support ticket and we will look into it right away.

CrownCloud Staff.

23rd Apr 2016
AliPay available

Dear CrownCloud customers

We are pleased to announce that we accept AliPay from this moment on!
To enable this, please open a support ticket.

CrownCloud Staff

17th Nov 2015