OpenVZ. KVM. Dedicated Servers.

CrownCloud offers OpenVZ and KVM based VPSes at 4 locations around the world and dedicated servers at Los Angeles, CA and Frankfurt, DE

1 Gbit/sec

All our VPSes come with a 1 Gigabit network uplink across all our locations, no more having to worry about slow networking.

Full root access

All our VPSes include full SSH root user access, you are free to create/add any extra users as you like on your VPS.

Premium datacenters

We operate out of the best datacenters in each of our locations, which ensures the best network and uptime for all our services.

SolusVM control panel

All our VPSes include the SolusVM control panel, which allow you to reboot, reinstall and view various stats about your VPS.

Intel Xeon powered

All our servers are powered by Intel Xeon CPUs to get your VPS the fastest and best processing power in the market.

Hardware RAID10 arrays

All drives are in hardware RAID10 arrays, this ensures the best disk read/write speed and safety of data.

IPv4 and IPv6 network

All our VPSes include both IPv4 and IPv6 network connection and addresses to ensure that you can connect to both IPv4 and IPv6 hosts.

Easy upgrades

Each component of your VPS (RAM/HDD etc) can be upgraded individually, no more having to buy a new plan just to addon more RAM.