CrownCloud offers OpenVZ based VPSes at Frankfurt, DE | Amsterdam, NL.

Full VM Snapshots included for free with all VPS plans now! Read More

Control Panel for reboots, reinstalls, snapshots, usage statistics
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1 dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 subnet included with every VPS

Up- and downscaling between plans without rebooting.

IPv4 & IPv6 rDNS support

Enterprise grade hardware

Hardware backed RAID10 drive arrays

Enterprise grade networking equipment

KernelCare used for rebootless kernel upgrades on the host-node. No more downtime for kernel upgrades.

Plan RAM / Swap SSD CPU Bandwidth Price Order URL
OVZ-SSD-1024 1024 MB RAM
1024 MB vSWAP
30 GB 2 vCores 1024 GB $6/month
$60/year 17% off
Frankfurt, DE   Amsterdam, NL
OVZ-SSD-2048 2048 MB RAM
2048 MB vSWAP
50 GB 3 vCores 2048 GB $10/month
$100/year 17% off
Frankfurt, DE   Amsterdam, NL
OVZ-SSD-4096 4096 MB RAM
4096 MB vSWAP
100 GB 4 vCores 4096 GB $20/month
$200/year 17% off
Frankfurt, DE   Amsterdam, NL
OVZ-SSD-6144 6144 MB RAM
6144 MB vSWAP
150 GB 6 vCores 6144 GB $30/month
$300/year 17% off
Frankfurt, DE   Amsterdam, NL

Extra Information:

CPU information

Fair Share vCore allocations
Dual L5* , i7 and E3 mix

Resource addons

IPv4: $1.5/IP per month
Bandwidth: $3/TB

Bandwidth information

Shared 1 Gbit/s uplinks
Both in and outbound traffic is accounted

Paid Services

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