LA2 Datacenter Launch

Direct peering with China Telecom & China Unicom and low latency to Asia!

LA2 Datacenter

With the launch of our LA2 datacenter we take a step towards expanding our services and network to serve our customers better.

With the new datacenter, we're also introducing better peering to China with direct peering with China Telecom & China Unicom.
Better peering inside the United States with the addition of HE, Comcast, TiNet, Telia and PCCW

Since good peering to Asia is very important for our clients, we added another location in LA.
We chose Psychz to deliver even better and more affordable asia-optimized traffic.

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Facility Details

24×7 Technical Support Staff On-site

15000 sq ft of gross space

Exceeds Tier III operational performance

Expected Availability of 99.995%

Close Proximity to One Wilshire Building


Minimum N+1 resilience on all systems

CRAC units control temperature and humidity

Diverse distribution pipework throughout

Chilled water cooling system

Cold Air Containment

Fire Detection and Suppression

Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas

Aspirated early warning smoke detection system (monitored 24x7x365)

Pre-action Fire Suppression System – Multi-zoned, dry-pipe, double-interlock pre-action


Operations Centre manned 24x7x365

Security guard patrols 24x7x365

Continuous CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas

Access control using proximity card readers


Technical (IT) power supplied by on-site batttery powered UPS

Mechanical systems backed up by standby generator

Fully diverse power distribution to technical areas

On-site fuel storage for 24x7x365 fuel delivery

Critical Environments Management

Experienced 24x7x365 facilities management team

Environment (thermal conditions) monitored 24x7x365

All Building Management Systems (BMS) monitored 24x7x365

Comprehensive energy metering systems